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About Papetura


Papetura is an point&click puzzle adventure journey in the world made entirely out of paper. Throughout the whole game, you have to control a main character, Pape, and take care of his friend, Tura. When the paper-world is awoken by the light, you will discover its secrets and threats. At the beginning, after being swallowed by a monster, you will reveal your purpose piece by piece.  

The gameplay is about solving puzzles and riddles. All of them are blended with the paper-world events and scenery, and everything that the main character touches can be used to solve the puzzles.


The inspirations for the game are taken from the delicate nature of paper. It has an ability to assume different forms and shapes, and poses a perfect material for a pure sculpture-like world, whereas discovering the secrets of architecture and nature of light had the major impact on the game design. As for gameplay, the inspiration comes from game classics such as Neverhood (1996) and Machinarium (2009), with some influences of stop-motion movies. Both the characters, and the surrounding world of the game are designed and made of paper, with the help of glue and a paper knife.  

The process of bringing the paper characters to life begins with arranging a photo scene illuminated with spotlights, and taking the one perfect shot of it. Then, the graphics has to be edited, coded into the game engine and created designs are eventually brought to life.


Developer: Petums  

Fundraising Indiegogo campaign: beginning in 2015 

Release date: TBA 

Price: ~10$ 

Platforms: PC / Mac / Linux & Hopefully iPad 


Contact: (at)

About Petums

Petums is a small, independent game development studio in Poland. It has developed a few flash games since 2008. When in 2014 Tomasz Ostafin completed his Master's project entitled "Architecture As Game", he decided to enlarge the size of the games that he will be creating in the studio. Right now the team consists of: 

Tomasz Ostafin - game designer, animator, graphic artist and programmer. Fresh graduate in Architecture, is now looking forward to create a fantasy world made entirely of paper. 

Pawel Adamczyk - help with sound design.

Thanks to:

Tomas Dvorak - for Teaser Trailer #1 music: "Saturnin Fire And The Restless Ocean" by Floex


Teaser Gameplay Screenshots

Concepts & WIP