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Out on Nintendo Switch!

out on PC & Mac:

Handcrafted Paper World

Everything is made out of paper – tiny bugs, strange creatures, mysterious places and put together thanks to glue and countless hours of cutting.

Music by Floex
(Tomas Dvorak)

Atmospheric, flowing music is created by the famous artist known for soundtracks to Machinarium, Samorost series, and many award-winning albums.

Meanwhile in Papetura

A lonely paper creature Pape is trapped in the flowery prison until one day he manages to escape.
Along the way, he finds little Tura, a magical being that he’ll take care of.
Together they will face dark and flaming monsters who will try to burn down their paper world…

Papetura offers a delightful world of animated paper

Neverhood meets Machinarium

One of the prettiest handcrafted games I’ve played

Behind the scenes

For many years, the game was made by  Tomasz Ostafin ‘Petums’, and now with the help of Tomas Dvorak ‘Floex’ (Music) and Juraj Mravec (Sfx), the journey is at the end.

As the creator I’m inspired by architecture, makro-worlds and handcrafted games such as The Neverhood (1996). I’m trying to make something unique, solely out of animated paper surrounding by light. I hope you will enjoy that small paper world.

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